Critical Time Intervention
Training, Implementation, and Evaluation

Online Training Options

Live online training includes the CTI Toolkit, which includes ready to use documentation for implementing the intervention with your population

Carolyn offers an affordable flat rate with no limit on number of participant, which is economical for large organization

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Next Steps

Successful CTI Implementation, from Beginning to End

These steps describe a typical CTI consultation and training process, from initial contact to full-scale implementation and evaluation. Each organization is unique, and steps can be modified to address your needs.


Pre Training Consultation

You and your team will have a 1-2 hour phone consult with Carolyn to discuss how CTI will be adapted for your particular population. Carolyn will explore your service model, program goals, funding requirements, time-frame, and preferred outcomes.


Tool-Kit Customization

Carolyn will get to work creating a customized tool kit and training presentation for your program. This will include all necessary program documentation for service delivery, supervision, and evaluation. Powerpoints will be created that adhere to the language and structure of your organization. All materials are given to you in Word Doc format so that you can continue to revise, add your own logo or further alter for your needs.



Training will occur live and online over 4 days, for 3-4 hours each day. The trainings will include powerpoint presentation, open dialogue, Q and A, role play, and exercises designed around case vignettes written specifically for your population. All training materials are sent to the participants. Certificates are emailed to each participant within a week following the training.


Evaluation and Ongoing Consultation

Carolyn is available to assist with the implementation phase by providing ongoing coaching and consultation with staff and their leadership. Post-training consultation can help ensure the model is being implemented with fidelity, which will improve long term program outcomes.


Carolyn Hanesworth, PhD, LCSW

Hello, and thank you for visiting my CTI Training Site! I am a social worker with 28 years of experience in direct practice, administration and consultation related to mental health and homeless services. In addition to being an independent consultant and certified trainer with the Center for the Advancement of Critical Time Intervention (CACTI) at CUNY/Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work, I am a psychotherapist in private practice.

In 2016, I became the Project Director for a multi-year pilot study examining the implementation of Critical Time Intervention for Rapid Rehousing in seven Connecticut agencies. As part of this work, I co-developed a new practitioner toolkit and manual for CTI. In my role at CACTI, I am engaged in multiple projects involving the dissemination of this work across the country. I have trained several organizations across the United States in CTI, including those serving people experiencing homelessness, chronic mental illness, incarceration, foster care, and addiction.
I truly enjoy training professionals in Critical Time Intervention, and I believe it is the best model available for assisting individuals during a critical time of transition in their lives. It is also a clear, ethical and respectful way to provide services to those in need. I look forward to meeting you and learning about your work!




Chapter 4

People Experiencing Homelessness


Chapter: with Dan Herman, Phd

Critical Time Intervention


Chapter 3

Reaching Back to Go Forward: Applying the Enduring Philosophy of Jane Addams to Modern Day Social Work Education.

In Press

Hanesworth, C. & Herman, D. (2020). Critical Time Intervention for Recipients of Rapid Rehousing. In D.Herman, S. Conover & E. Susser (Eds.). Critical Time Intervention: Supporting Vulnerable People During Periods of Transition. New York: Oxford University Press